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Tour the Windows of the Saints

Stained Glass by a Mid-Century French Artist

Gabriel Loire of Chartres France was a twentieth-century stained-glass artist whose works appear in venues around the world. Loire was commissioned to produce mosaics and stained glass works for churches in Northern California. At St. Charles, Loire designed the outdoor mosaic on the street-facing side, all the stained glass windows inside the church, and the original stained-glass Stations of the Cross, which are now placed in the grotto behind the parish center.

Loire's particular medium, slab glass, differs from traditional stained glass in that he used cement instead of metal leadings and carved glass chunks about ¾ inch thick. 

As you stand inside the church and face the baptismal font with the altar behind you, look up to the left. See the stained glass windows and note each saint commissioned for this parish. Continue from left to right through the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, the Sanctuary, and the Family Center/Reconciliation Room.

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