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Christmas Sharing Tree

Every family deserves the joy of the season without having to anguish between holiday cheer or a warm meal with a safe place to sleep.

Our St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Sharing Tree Fund Drive supports local individuals and families in need during this holiday season.  

COVID-19 again presents various challenges for volunteer groups who usually sort and distribute gifts. So, this year donations are focused on Target gift cards, Safeway gift cards, and/or cash donations in order to maintain health safety for volunteers and gift recipients.

Please consider these suggested contributions and then click on the Online Donation link to enter the amount you would like to donate. As always, any size donation is MOST appreciated!

Giving Suggestions

towels Household Gifts $100

target Target Gift Card $25

samtrans    Bus Tickets $25


puzzle Child's Gift $50

Safeway    Safeway Gift Card $25

For specifics on how to donate, please visit St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Sharing Tree