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Engaging Children in the 8:30 Sunday Mass

Help Your Children Engage During the 8:30 Mass

For Preschoolers  Preschool Pray and Play 

In this co-op program, there are Bible stories, action prayers and time to play and color in response! Parent volunteers share with the children and then families pick up their children to walk up to Communion together. Please feel free to stop by to try Preschool Pray and Play!

For Elementary School Children Children’s Liturgy of the Word 

Just before the First Reading, children from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade come to the front of the church for a blessing and then go behind the altar with adult volunteers to hear, learn, and share about the readings at their grade level. They return to their families after the homily.

Questions? Interested in volunteering? (We always need volunteers.), please contact Alison: