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Preschool Pray and Play!

Pray and Play Engage your children and interact about how Mass nurtures our spirits and our lives!

Please have your child pick up a Step by Step (4-7 year old's) or Footprints in Faith (7-12 year old's) Gospel activity sheet (and a pencil) on the way into Mass. They can solve puzzles, complete searches, and connect to the Gospel message - all in the pew!

Also please pick up a "Mass" Transit Card for your family. One side summarizes the readings, provides a prayer and asks a question -- which you can read on your way to Mass (in "Transit"). As a family, you can answer the questions on the back and connect your faith to your everyday lives (on your way home). These resources are available at all Masses in the vestibule closest to the Rectory and in the grand entrance close to the Holy Water font.

All families with preschoolers are invited to be a part of Preschool Pray and Play. We gather during the 8:30 AM Mass on Sundays to share Bible stories, and then we pray and play!  If you interested please contact Alison at for participation guidelines and session dates.