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    Are you in the Sixth Grade or older? Do you enjoy working with younger children?

    Are you interested in serving as a classroom assistant in one of the Religious Education classes for Kindergarten, First Grade, Third Grade or Fourth Grade?

    Positions are avaiable on

    • Sundays from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM
    • Mondays from 3:15 PM to 4:45 PM

    Assistants will work during these classes: Schedule of Classes

    If so, please consider applying for a position as a St. Charles Religious Education Classroom Assistant.

    Here is the application/interview process:

    • Interested students need to have their parents send an email to Alison Spong at aspong@stcharlesparish.org. If the student sends the email, please be sure a parent is copied as a recipient of the email.  In the email please include a paragraph explaining why you are interested in being a classroom assistant, why think you would be a good classroom assistant,  and what you most look forward to doing as a classroom assistant.


    • Once you submit your email, you will receive a an email link to sign up for a 15-minute interview.  The interviews will begin on September 4th and will be held after school.

    Note: Religious Education Classes begin on September 8th/9th, so classroom assistants may start during that first day, or on a later day.  There are a limited number of classes so unfortunately not all applicants can be assured a position.

    Please feel free to contact Alison at aspong@stcharlesparish.org or 650-591-7349 ext. 407 if you have any questions.