praying hands
  • Sacred Spaces for Prayer and Reflection

    We invite you to enrich your personal and family prayer life!

    We are called to listen and hear our God, often through the quiet of reflection. We are called to pray and give thanks to God for the blessings in our lives.

    St. Charles has several sacred spaces to support you in prayer and reflection. The church is open for Mass daily, for special services, and for opportunities to pray throughout the day. 

    • Inside the church you will find a quiet corner with Blessed Mother, and another prayer space with St. Joseph holding Jesus.
    • Also within the church is a small room, the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, for individual prayer and contemplation. 
    • Behind the Parish Center you'll find the Grotto, which blends nature, the Blessed Mother, and the Stations of the Cross. This space is open for prayer and reflection during the day and into the evening.

    We invite you to choose a location for prayer, reflection, to listen to God, and/or to give thanks for abundant blessings and spiritual growth.

    Welcome to St. Charles!