All volunteers who work with children in the Archdiocese of San Francisco must meet specific Child Safety requirements.

    The Archdiocese has established a Child Safety instructional program for all parishes. You must complete this program to be able to volunteer to work with children other than your own. Please note that Archdiocese policy requires that volunteers who have NOT completed the training must be denied access to their volunteer activity until the training is completed.

    Every person who volunteers in any capacity for St. Charles Parish must:

    • Submit a background check  (or be fingerprinted in the LiveScan system)  AND
    • Complete the online course called Protect Children from shieldthevulnerable.org.

    Within the online course, a volunteer can submit the information needed to conduct the background check. To complete the course "Protect Children" follow the steps noted below.

    1. Please open an adult volunteer account at: www.shieldthevulnerable.org
    2. Select "Catholic Diocese."
    3. Select "San Francisco Archdiocese"
    4. Choose Adult
    5. Create a login ID and password. 
    6. You will be asked to select a position. Please select VOLUNTEER.
    7. Identify your affiliation as St. Charles Parish (NOT St. Charles Borromeo in SF)
    8. Complete the required course 706 "Protect Children."
    9. Authorize a background check.
    10. When finished, PRINT your certificate of completion and provide it to the person who supervises your volunteer ministry.

    If you have any questions or seek assistance with any part of the Child Safety process, please contact your program supervisor.

    Thank you for your compliance with this program!