• St. Charles EDGE/Middle School Youth Ministry Program, Grades 5-8

    Registration is now open! 

    Please complete this Registration Process as soon as possible to aid in our planning. There is only one Registration Form per family for all elementary and middle schools parish programs (Religious Education K-4, Sacramental Prep, and EDGE/Middle School Youth Ministry.)

    Registration Steps

    1. Complete the online, fillable 2021-2022 Registration Form with the information related to your child(ren).  This form includes student registration, parent permissions, and family emergency information, and distance learning policies.

    NOTE: Be sure to SAVE THE FORM ON YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE FILLING IT OUT otherwise it will come to us blank. Please save with your family last name (i.e. Smith Registration 2021) 

    The form is self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, please contact Alison at aspong@stcharlesparish.org.

    2. Be sure to save the completed forms to your computer with file names including your family last name (i.e. Smith Registration 2021)

    3. After completing the form, please pay the related fees. For payment of the fees on-line, please click this link: Online Payment and select the program for which you are making payment. After you complete payment, there is a receipt page.  Print the receipt using the “Microsoft Print as a PDF” option. 

    4. Next, save the PDF receipt to your computer including your family last name in the file name  (such as Smith receipt 2021).

    5. Finally, complete the process. Attach the completed Registration Form, Permission Form, AND the Payment Receipt PDF in an email to registrationre@stcharlesparish.org.

    Note: If you prefer to pay with a check, please drop off the check at the Parish Center or mail it to Registration, St. Charles Parish, 880 Tamarack Avenue, San Carlos, CA 94070. Then, send the completed Registration Form and Permission Form with a note that the payment will be by check to registrationre@stcharlesparish.org.

    2021-2022 Registration Form