• St. Charles Religious Education, Grades K-4, 2023-2024 School Year 


    1. Register for the Program.

    Complete the Registration Form with the information related to your child(ren). This form includes student registration, parent permissions, and family emergency information. The Registration Form captures all the information for your family, so you only need to fill out one form even if you have multiple children in Religious Education K-4.

    2. Pay the  Program Fees. 

    RE Classes for Kindergarten, 1st Year/Grade, 2nd Year/Grade,  3rd Grade, and 4th Grade - $120 per student

    Sacramental PreparationFirst Reconciliation/First Eucharist (in conjunction with 2ndYear/Grade) -  $80 additional per student, totaling $200.00

      • To pay with a credit or debit card, use the Online Payment process and select the program for which you are making payment. After you complete payment, there is a receipt page. Print your receipt and choose the “Microsoft Print as a PDF” option, saving the file with your last name (for example Smith 2023). Then save the PDF receipt to your computer and email it to registrationre@stcharlesparish.org.  
      • NOTE: If you prefer to pay with a check, please drop the check at the Parish Center OR mail it to:

    Registration for Religious Ed K-4, St. Charles Parish, 880 Tamarack Avenue, San Carlos, CA 94070 

    3. Review the RE program's Guidelines for Virtual Gatherings, as mentioned in the Consent and Release Form 2023-2024, Virtual Meetings with Children. (These guidelines will be implemented should we need to pivot to virtual instruction sometime during the year.)


    If you have questions about the registration process or payment, please contact the Parish Office at strembley@stcharlesparish.org.
    If you have questions regarding the Religious Education classes, Sacramental Preparation for First Reconciliation or First Eucharist, the program schedule or content, please contact Alison Spong at aspong@stcharlesparish.org.