• Declaring a Sponsor   Submit Declaration of Sponsor form with registration.  

    Activity #1: Share Your Stories

    Download the Sponsor Activity 1. In this activity Candidate and Sponsor discuss their faith stories with one another. Write a brief summary of what you discussed under each question, submit the form to the Coordinator by the deadline.

    Activity #2: Faith Challenges

    Choice A - Participate in Encounters with Jesus, Bible Study on the Gospel of St. John (Click to download the flyer )

    Choice B -  Weekly reflections on the Sunday Mass readings (Reflection Journal available September 22)


    Activity #3: Research the Saints/Choose a Confirmation Name

    Submit the Confirmation Name form and the saint report on the deadline specified on the calendar (see instructions below). 

    Go to www.catholic.org/saints to find information on the saints, or when you get together with your sponsor, bring books on the saints and go through those.

    Part One: Read the above form and review the two options (to stay with your baptismal name or to choose a saint's name). Discuss the options with your sponsor and make a choice.

    Part Two: Research the saints. If you choose to stay with your baptismal name and your name is also the name of a saint, then that will be the one you will research and write about. If you go with the option to choose a saint name then you'll need to do more research.

    You may have a saint in mind, or maybe your sponsor has a suggestion. You may also wish to find a saint that is connected to one of your interests or a saint whose feast day is on your birthday. Read about the saint and discuss this with your Sponsor. The most important factors in your choice should be that you have a personal connection with the saint and that there is something about the saint that you admire or want to emulate in your own life.

    Part Three: Complete the Confirmation Name/Saint Report form (link above). The saint report can be written on the back of the form or on a separate sheet of paper. When writing about the saint you've chosen, be sure to include:
    -the saint's name
    -the dates the saint lived
    -the saint's feast day
    -explain why you chose this particular saint
    -write at least three paragraphs about the saint's life