• Choosing a Confirmation Sponsor
    A confirmation sponsor is a person who is:

    • An adult other than a parent/guardian (Canon 874.5
    • Over the age of 16 (Candidates are asked to discuss possible sponsors under the age of 18 with the Confirmation Coordinators. More mature sponsors are recommended.)
    • Fully-initiated in the Catholic church (has completed Baptism/First Penance/First Eucharist/Confirmation)
    • Actively living the faith (fully committed to the mission of the Church and participates in Mass on regular basis)
    • Willing to give time/commitment to walk with candidate through the Confirmation process 

    As the two sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation are connected, when possible, the Baptismal Sponsor (Godparent) is the preferred Sponsor for Confirmation.

    Declaration of Sponsor Form (due date TBD)
    If you have any questions regarding Sponsor choice, please contact the Confirmation Coordinator for assistance.

    Candidate and Sponsor Responsibilities

    1. Attend the Candidate and Sponsor session (date TBD) followed by the Rite of Welcome and Commitment Mass.
    2. The teen candidate and sponsor will work together on three activities. Candidates and sponsors do these activities outside of Confirmation sessions. The Candidate will submit a report for each of these activities.
    3. The candidate and sponsor will go to the Confirmation Rehearsal, date TBD. If the sponsor is unable to attend the rehearsal, a parent should fill in and update the sponsor on what to do. 
    4. The candidate and sponsor will come to the Rite of Confirmation, TBD 2022


    Dress Code for Confirmation Mass

    • Dress, skirt and blouse, dress slacks and blouse, or slacks and dress shirt (optional tie)
    • Dress shoes (not athletic shoes)

    Please refrain from wearing: Jeans, t-shirts, shirts with visible logos or writing, strapless, thin-strapped or off-the-shoulder tops, and mini-skirts.