• Confirmation Year Two Program 


    Confirmation Year II Calendar 2022-2023-final

    Rite of Confirmation TBD 2023

    Confirmation Year Two follows after the candidates has completed all the requirements for Confirmation in Year One and has participated in the moving-up meeting with the Confirmation Coordinator.

    • Continued Participation in Mass/Ministry (no reporting of community service hours for Year Two)
    • Work with Confirmation Sponsor
    • Sponsor will participate in one Confirmation Session and the Rite of Welcome and Commitment Mass (same day).
    • Share faith stories and challenge one another to grow in faith.
    • Research together the lives of the saints.
    • Choose a Confirmation Name (name given at Baptism or other saint name).
    • Participate in rehearsal and Rite of Confirmation Mass.
    • Participate in Confirmation Classes  (two include parents, one includes sponsors).  
    • Participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation (at St. Charles or at Catholic School or privately).
    • Participate in the Confirmation Retreat Day.

    Click here for the US Bishop's website. Then click on this Sunday's date in the little calendar on the right side to see the Scripture readings for this Sunday's Mass. 

    Click here for a brief reflection (audio) on the upcoming Scripture readings for Sunday's Mass (by Mark Hart, a.k.a. "The Bible Geek."

    Rite of Confirmation: TBD, 2023

    Rehearsal (required for all candidates and sponsors): TBD in 2023.