• Mexico Mission Trip Required Paperwork, ALL forms must be completed by April 19, 2024. 

    Last day for refund, May 10, 5:00 PM.

    Attention all Registered Participants: 

    • Teen fee $650, and ALL teens are expected to raise an additional $1,450 in donations.

    For assistance with gathering donations, follow these instructions: [Link to information coming soon.]

    • Permission form, policy agreement, and release forms are required for all participants in the Mexico Mission Trip traveling group. 



    When considering your participation, these designations apply: 

    Youth (all travelers who are 17 and younger by June 17, 2024)  Complete Teen Forms: Teen Forms Mexico 2024

    Adults (all travelers who are 18 and older by June 17, 2024)   Complete Adult Forms: Adult Forms Mexico 2024

    For ALL Participants:  Mexico Mission 2024 Packing List