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  • SCRIPTURE CAMP 2016 - Cave Quest

    Following Jesus, the Light of the World!

    Check out a preview of Cave Quest HERE

    Experiencing God's Word... At Cave Quest Scripture Camp, kids experience God’s Word in surprising and unforgettable ways! Each day, leaders reinforce one simple Bible truth—which makes it easy for kids to remember and apply to real life! 

    No matter what station they're exploring; Sing & Play, Bible Adventure, Games, Snack, Chadder’s Theatre, Crafts or Wrap-up, kids will hear the daily Bible Point–and experience it in a new way!  At Scripture Camp, the daily Bible Point is carefully integrated into each station’s activities to reinforce Bible learning. Each activity is an important part of kids’ overall learning experience—kind of like the pieces of a puzzle.

    Join us for another fun year! Scripture Camp, Cave Quest: Following Jesus, the Light of the World! We will have an action packed week of fun here at St. Charles with awesome music, games, crafts, and a visit from our old pal Chaddar the Chipmunk! Registration will open online March 1! All children who have completed Kindergarten through 4th grades this year are invited to attend. Please contact Allison Stastny, Director if have questions about the camp at

    New this year...

    Preschool Campers - Children entering kindergarten in the fall and four-year-olds are invited to register. These campers will enjoy learning the Bible stories, crafts, games, and singing.

    Middle School Campers - Children who have completed 5th and 6th grades are invited to register. These campers will have a program that has been created for their age group doing all the same things the younger campers are doing but geared to their age and interest.

    Important information regarding Scripture Camp Junior Leaders.
    We have changed the process. In previous years, a letter was sent to invite students to complete an application. However, this year there will be no application process. Positions for junior leaders will be filled through a lottery.

    To be eligible a student needs to have completed 7th grade or older; has been a Scripture Camp camper, and be a member of the St. Charles Parish. Interested students need to go online to the St. Charles Church website between March 1-14 to submit their name for the lottery. Selection notification will be sent via an email no later than March 19. Just like any lottery, there will be many who will not be selected.

    For information regarding Scripture Camp contact: Allison Stastny, Director of Scripture Camp